Spa Services

Infrared Sauna Session

The Far-Infrared Radiation (FIR) Sauna Therapy treatment, emits far infrared heat at a cellular level. It is gentle and comfortable heat waves rolling over your entire body. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? It is, absolutely, safe and healthy for the whole body.

Benefits to the body include:

  • Ease of tension
  • Ease of stiffness and pain
  • Detoxification of the body (collected toxins, acids, pathogens, and carcinogens)
  • Cellular level therapy expels heavy metals, PCB’s, and fats through the pores of your skin through energetic and vigorous sweating
  • Safely burn up to 700 calories (calorie burn varies per individual) without moving a muscle
  • Retain Hydration of the body

Jacuzzi Soak

1 hr / $75

The Jacuzzi Soak is a bathing and cleansing soak experience. It consists of a soothing mineral salt and your choice of essential oils. You will walk away feeling refreshed and re-energized! 

Body Polish


Exfoliate and hydrate your body; give your body the attention that it craves. The body polish will leave your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth.

Body Wrap


Wrap your body with nature’s foundation. Choose algae, seaweed, mud, or clay for an earthy detox treatment. Liberate your body of toxins through metabolic stimulation. Enjoy the natural stimulus and tingling of nature’s foundation for your skin. Relish relaxing in a soothing environment.