About Jacqueline Turner

Silicon Valley/Bay Area Romance Artist
Colon Hydrotherapist Womb Wellness Massage Therapist

Jacqueline Turner is the Romance Artist of Silicon Valley. She has a magical way of just making your time at the spa a special experience. Jacqueline Turner is a certified massage therapist since 1998. Why open a romance, complementary health and wellness spa center? Love impacts your health and longevity of life. Pairing health, wellness, massage and therapeutic spa services with romance and love is a no-brainer business model. Long life, love, and health are the ultimate organic wellness mix.

Huffington Posts “Healthy Living” article Love And Health: Research Examines Love’s Impact On Us

The leadership of Jacqueline Turner, her team, and commitment to your total spirit, soul, and body wellness are not going unnoticed by JT Spa clients.

Jacqueline Turner affectionately known as the Silicon Valley Romance Artist has created a unique upscale spa that promotes an atmosphere of healing, wholeness, and love. You can make it a warm, treasured, and mature play, get-a-way that you can enjoy on your own, as a couple, or your group of stay-cation friends.