Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy

Welcome to Jacqueline’s Spa. I am delighted you have chosen me to provide this special service and procedure.  Please check around for other spas or clinics that provide colon hydrotherapy to compare our services. I pride myself in offering my clients a private, warm, relaxing ambiance with attentive, personal care. I do not rush the procedure or our time together as I want this to be a relaxing and comforting experience for you. So please come prepared to be supported and cared for.

Jacqueline’s Spa uses The Angel of Water system, a Class 1 gravity fed, FDA inspected and approved System.  THIS SYSTEM IS THE SYSTEM OF ALL SYSTEMS!  This is also known as the open system. An open system means that the waste material leaving your body does not get funneled back through the tube that the flowing water entering into the body uses. There are no embarrassing fumes. The waste is flushed away through a tube, which we can both see and discuss.  The water temperature is set to 102 degrees and is triple purified by a UV ray and carbon filter water treatment system.  The rectal nozzle that flows water into the colon is smaller than a pencil and inserted by the client, goes in less than 3 inches into the rectum. 

Each client is on the system  for approximately 50 minutes. The entire session will take somewhat longer than that. Three to eight gallons of water may be gently infused by gravity to  flow into the large intestine, the  amount changes per person according to your colon’s size and amount of impacted fecal matter. 

EAT HEALTHY FOOD! Avoid drinking or eating anything 2 hours prior to your appointment. You will receive abdominal massage, so it’s most comfortable if you have an empty stomach. Make fruits and vegetables 50% of your diet and avoid gas-producing food and congesting foods. I always recommend each person each day  drink half their body weight in ounces., of water..  Avoid eating “sticky” foods like flour breads, white rice, pizza, burritos and cheeses. After each session you will receive an acidophilus pill. 

Whatever System you choose, If you relax, you will have better results.

Advantages to the ‘Open System:’

The water is gravity fed this allows the guest to absorb water comfortably. The rectal  nozzle  is small and once inserted is no longer noticeable. With relaxation one can release toxins mentally, physically and even spiritually.

There is a viewing tube so we will both be able to see how and what you release.

Myths about the open system:

  • Smells and the feeling of not having the waste contained in a tube as it leaves the body.  There are no fumes with the Angel of Water system.  No embarrassment for anyone.
  • The myth that gravity fed water, not system pumped will release less. In fact more comes out because the water flows continuously allowing a thorough release.

About the ‘Closed System’

It works and gives a good colonic. This type of system has been in use for a long time now.

Disadvantages: If the seal breaks leakage is on a flat table. Sometimes the water flowing in by pump can cause one to tense up and not relax and release.

However, both systems are effective.

Infra-Red Saunas are great for relieving bloating.

Infra-Red Sauna and Colon Irrigation- $250

 A combination of a 20-minute sauna for quick water loss, and colon hydrotherapy to remove constipation is even more effective for symptoms such as bloating.

Colon Irrigation Sessions

After every colon irrigation session, you will receive an acidophilus supplement to boost your intestinal flora. It helps to take such supplements on a regular basis,, I  believe strongly in helping your entire digestive system.

Please keep in mind I have a schedule for clients and must honor that so please be prompt.  If you are running late more than 10 minutes you must call me and I will accommodate you if I can without interfering with other appointments. Generally, I cannot accommodate clients who are more than 20 minutes late for another same day appointment. Unless we have made other arrangements clients who do run more than 20 minutes late will have to reschedule their appointment, and will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.

I look forward to taking care of you.  Thank you for your business