Retreat Packages

Couples Retreat

4 hour retreat package $500 / overnight $700 / overnight w/ massage $800

Jacqueline’s Spa is tailor-made for couples. Love and romance can get lost in the day to day and familiarity with life. Refreshing your passion, revitalizing your love space, restoring each other from life’s challenges, and just getting rejuvenated, again, is a must-have in your relationship. The Romance Artist will create a warm and loving atmosphere, according to your romance palette.

Imagine a drawn bath, your favorite pick-me-up chilled drink ready for you when you walk-in. The entire spa and loft are available for you to build new memories for and with your sweetie. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, ask us, and we are glad to elaborate on our amenities that are available at your intimate-discretion.

3 Days Holistic Cleanse

$1,500 solo cleanse / $3,000 couple cleanse

Your Holistic Cleanse Retreat includes a three night stay at our luxury spa and loft retreat center with access to all of our spa amenities. You will receive hands on workshop about the cleansing process and two private yoga/meditation sessions. You will also be provided with supplements, juices & drinks that support you along your cleansing journey. Our serene and calm atmosphere will leave you feeling refreshed.

Some of the cleansing and nutritional herbs include:

  • Detox Tonics/Elixirs
  • Fresh Organic Juice (most of the veggies grown in my own Garden)
  • Detox Baths
  • Massage Chairs
  • Probiotics
  • Wheat grass locally grown
  • Colonics
  • Massage
  • Crystal Bowls
  • Enzymes and Probiotics
  • Fiber Enriched Suppliments
  • A Wealth of Information on Digestion
  • Organic Broths
  • Daily Meditation and Yoga
  • Assortment of Herbal Teas
  • Lymphatic Drainage *
  • Amethysts-Biomat*
  • Far Infared Sauna

Get-a-way Hide-a-way Retreat

Hide-a-way at our luxury spa and loft. We book couples, friends, or a personal get-a-way retreat for you to enjoy the time away from the hustle and bustle of everything. Serenity is only a retreat away. We customized all our retreats to fit your specific needs.

Why go to a hotel? When you can have your own little spa and loft nestled in the artsy City of Emeryville. Shopping, dining, delicacies & treats, and a beautiful lake nearby for you to enjoy. Treat yourself to a real Hide-a-way and Get-a-way retreat escapade.